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Buying a Used Cintiq:-An affordable way to get it (With examples) – (Updated for 2021)

Why would you wait when you can get a used Cintiq for cheaper?

The Cintiq, which is the device any digital artist dreams of getting, it can make your digital art life much better. And many of us has dreamed of getting one someday. The good news are, you could get it for yourself and save at least $100 if not much by getting a second hand Cintiq instead of a new one.

The Cintiq 27QHD, one of the most expensive Cintiq models, can be obtained for much cheaper if bought used

Many of us have fear of getting used stuff, as we have no idea how the item condition will be. But getting used things online makes the process much faster. It is not just that we get to know as much information about the seller or the used things we are interested in. But if we got it from a known marketplace like Amazon or eBay. We can be much more assured that there is something to fall back to if things didn’t go as planned.

List Of Used Cintiq Offers Pages On Amazon.

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Some Tips For Getting a Used Cintiq From Amazon

Depending on the offers valuable, you can save at least $100 by getting the Cintiq used. Sometimes you will save much more than that, specially for a refurbished one. To ensure that you get your used Cintiq without any problems, here are some tips that I hope will help you get to the device of your dreams:-

  • Be sure it it is in a good condition, the best you could look for is the “Used – Like New” condition. But sometimes you will find some good bargains in the items that has the “Used – Very Good” as well.
  • Check the seller rating:- One of the great things about buying things online is that you get to know how the seller treated the people who bought from him. When you buy a used Cintiq, make sure that the seller has a high positive feedback. In the example below, the seller has %100 positive feedback. Or 12 buyer who were all satisfied with him. This makes you rest assured that the buyer won’t scam you and take your money.
  • Be careful when you buy from a seller whose state is “Just Launched”. Specially if he or she is selling a Cintiq for a very big discount, like %50. As many of those tend to be scammers
  • Make sure that you do the order directly from amazon:- By using the Add To Cart button on the right of the screen. Never do any purchase outside of Amazon, or they will unlikely be able to help you if things went the wrong way for you.

A Hand-on example, getting a used Cintiq 22HD.

Following is a hand-on example, where I show you what to look for when you get a used Cintiq from Amazon:-


  • The used Cintiq 22HD in this example is sold for $1,550, which is pretty good price for the time I wrote this post, note that the price you will see depends on what people are selling by the time you visit Amazon.
  • The seller has a %100 positive feedback, in addition to 5 stars rating, which is excellent.

Some Tips For Getting a Used Cintiq From eBay

As many of us know, eBay is another great place for bargains, and what makes it more attractive, is that eBay provides a good buyer protection. But to stay safe, you need to follow the following steps, which are similar to how you get a used Cintiq from Amazon:-

  • Check the seller rating, usually you want to buy from a seller from a seller with a positive feedback close to %100.
  • Before you buy, make sure you have read everything about the item condition, to ensure you get the exact of what you are expecting.
  • If the price is too good to be true, then be aware of the offer.

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A Hand-on example, getting a used Cintiq 13HD from eBay

And now let’s have a hand-on example, where I show you what to look for when you get a Cintiq 13HD from eBay, while the used Cintiq in this example is in Australia, everything I mention here apples if you are getting the Cintiq from other countries:-

Click on the picture to view it in full size


  • The Cintiq model displayed above is the Cintiq 13HD, it is not a used Cintiq, but rather a new one, but it has a good price in general.
  • As the seller is in Australia, the price is shown in Australian dollar, but it is overtired to American dollars as well.
  • The seller is one of the top-rated seller in eBay, and he has a %99.9 positive feedback, which is pretty good.
  • One of the good things about buying a second hand Cintiq from eBay is that your purchases are protected from the site. Make sure you read the details in the product page to know more about that.

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List Of Used Cintiq Offers Pages.

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