Best Affordable Windows Tablets & Microsoft Surface Pro Alternatives

A Variety Of Surface Pro Alternatives With All Sorts Of Features & Capabilities

Having a full-fledged Windows on a tablet can be useful in many things, especially if the goal of getting the tablet is to use it for productivity, and for that, there are tons of choices for those, and tons of varieties to choose from, for one, some of these tablets has a stylus with it, which makes doing precise work easier, it also makes drawing with the tablet easier too, that goes particularly for those tablets that comes with a drawing digitizer from Wacom or other manufacturer, which can be used for drawing as well as taking notes.

While the focus here on tablets that has Windows on it, there are some of the tablets here that has Android installed in them besides Windows, these tablets are known as hybrid tablet, where you can boot to either Windows or Android, which gives you more options on what applications to run on the device, but bear in mind this takes some valuable space on the tablet.

Speaking of storage, the majority of the tablets I mentioned below support the addition of SD or MicroSD card, where you can add much more space to store your files.

I added some relatively older tablets below, mainly because they have Wacom digitizer or some sort of stylus, and that makes a bigger list of affordable tablets. Some of the tablets below are affordable because they have smaller screen, as Microsoft now offer Windows for free for such tablets, which lowers the price of these tablets.

If you plan to use your tablets for productivity, having an attachable keyboard is surely useful, attachable keyboards either comes with it or is bought separately, being able to connect external devices like a mouse or a keyboard is also good for that. Being able to connect an external display is another key productivity feature that most of these tablets have (some don’t have that feature though).

Many of these tablets are not powerful enough to run art applications for heavy use, but they are good enough for sketching and simple work.

In case none of the tablets I selected felt suitable to you, I added Amazon links so that you could see more of the available ones.

Now I leave you with my list of affordable Surface Pro alternatives.

VAIO Z Canvas


VAIO Z Canvas is a good tablet that can do well as a desktop replacement, it doesn’t just come with a quad-core i7 processor, but it also has 2 USB 3.0 ports, as well as Ethernet port. The color of its screen is very nice, making it good for using it for design & other similar tasks.

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Compared to the Surface Pro 4, VAIO Z Canvas gives a good value for the money, the high-end configuration of it could be cheaper, giving you get a lot more from it. The i7 processor is a bit older than the one in the Surface Pro 4, but it has 4 cores instead of 2. And you get the keyboard out of the box.

Overall, VAIO Z Canvas is a good Surface Pro 4 & Cintiq Companion 2 alternative to consider, as long you don’t mind its cons.

Udemy, The Ultimate Drawing Course

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CHUWI Hi8 provides really good value for the money, as long your performance expectations are not high, you will be able to do tons of simple things with it. Like running little productivity machine that doesn’t needs power. This table is an example of companies taking advantage of Microsoft making Windows free for all the tablets below 9-inchs, or we would never have seen tablets with this price.

As long you don’t mind the battery life of this device (about 4 hours), the low specification, the relatively old version of Android, and as long as you also don’t mind the device getting a bit hot at times. I totally recommend it to you.

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Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2 10.1″


Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 is a great alternative for the Surface Pro, it is lightweight enough to be carried around throughout the day, and its long battery life, which can reach 10 hours adds to its portability. It has everything you need to do all sorts of simple tasks, from reading books, browsing the Internet, to even drawing & create some artworks on it, especially if you plant to practice or create simple things.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 can also be used as an affordable Wacom Cintiq alternative, as the digitizer in it is from Wacom itself.

Bear in mind that one of the reasons Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet 2 is that affordable is that it is old tablet, but one that is worth looking for in this blog.

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ASUS Transformer Book T100HA-C4-GR


In case you are looking for an affordable 2-in-1 laptop to use on the go, and in case you don’t care much about having a stylus or don’t need a high resolution. Then Transformer Book T100HA-C4-GR is a good tablet for you. The relatively high amount of ram will allow you to run many applications, and more than one application. The fact it comes with a keyboard out of the box is one of the things that makes it even more affordable, as the surface pro requires you to purchase the keyboard separately.

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HP Envy 8 Note 5002 8″


HP Envy 8 Note is a good choice for those looking for a Windows tablet with Wacom digitizer, as long as you are okay with the low specifications of this tablet, you will be okay, that’s especially the case if you want to use it for simple sketching or simple use in general.

The lack of HDMI in HP Envy 8 Note out may put off some users who may want to connect it to an external display, the fact that the LTE is limited to Verizon only may not be good news for the users of other carriers.

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