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ASUS PA248Q 24.1″ Review (WUXGA) from ProArt series, am affordable monitor with VESA mount, suitable for photo-editing

ASUS PA248Q 24.1-Review-Featured

ASUS PA248Q 24.1″ Review In Few Words (Mini Review)

ASUS PA248Q 24.1″ is an accurate monitor with clear colours, it provides great value for the money. Its quality makes it one suitable way to edit photos or do tasks that requires good colors. The 4 USB 4.0 port are a good extra you good along with this monitor. The matte surface makes it good to use outdoor. Not to forget that you can rotate it & use it in portrait & landscape modes. And it works with the majority of computers out there, except for Macs with mini-DisplayPort.

The only bad thing about ASUS PA248Q 24.1″ is the possibility of backlight bleeding. As long you can tolerate that thing, then I totally recommend this monitor to you.

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Pros Of ASUS PA248Q 24.1″

  • The screen panel is matte, which doesn’t reflect light much like glossary screen.
  • The stand allows you to adjust it to use in either landscape or portrait mode.
  • Has nice control buttons on the side.

Cons Of ASUS PA248Q 24.1″

  • Has the possibility of backlight bleed.

Technical Specifications

  • Provides professional-grade color fidelity with pre-calibrated E
  • Has picture-in-picture feature (PIP), which allows you to display views from different input sources.
  • Has true & precise colors on a 100% sRGB
  • Aspect ratio:- 16:10 aspect ratio
  • Resolution:- 1920 x 1200.
  • Panel Type:- IPS.
  • Screen Size:- 24 inches.
  • Refresh rate:- 60hz
  • Has four USB 3.0 ports.
  • ASUS-exclusive innovations like QuickFit, Splendid(TM) and 5-Way navigation key for enhanced productivity
  • Supports many connections, like HDMI, D-Sub, DisplayPort, DVI-D, 4 X USB 3.0.
  • Tilt Angless:- +20 -5°
  • Swivel Angles:- +60° -60°
  • Height adjusted by:- 10 CM.
  • Brightness (Typical):- 300 cd/m2
  • Contrast Ratio (Typical):- 1000:1
  • Contrast Ratio (Max.):- 80,000,000:1 (with ASCR on)
  • Viewing angle:- 178˚ horizontally, 178˚ vertically.
  • Display colors:- 16.7 M
  • Response time:- 6 ms (Gray to gray)
  • Panel Type:- IPS (A+ IPS).

ASUS PA248Q 24.1″:- An Overview

ASUS PA248Q 24.1″ has a matte-finish surface on the panel. LCD screens comes in two kinds, matte & glossy, glossy looks nice, but they can reflect a lot of light & turn into a mirror if too much light fell on it. Matte panels doesn’t suffer from that. So I tend to mark this as an advantage for ASUS PA248Q 24.1″.

To adjust the sittings of your ASUS PA248Q 24.1″, there is a nice little joystick that is nice to use. Other buttons includes 2 shortcut buttons, menu button, power button, and button for changing the source of the image. Which allows you to connect more than one device and switch between them using the change source button on the side of the monitor.

Supported Display Ports

Out of the box, ASUS PA248Q 24.1″ supports VGA, DVI, HDMI & DisplayPort, which makes it compatible with the majority of computers in the market. Unless you use a MAC with miniDisplayPort or thunderbolt, in which case you need to get yourself an adapter. The following Amazon link(s) will guide you to the available adapters in the following Amazon links:-


USB 3.0 Ports & The Lack Of Speakers


ASUS PA248Q 24.1″ comes with 4 USB 3.0 hub on the left side of the monitor. Once you connect the hub to one of the USB ports in your computer. You can use it to connect many of your devices like USB keyboard & mice or a USB headphone. It is also a convenient way to connect a USB flash drive fast in case you use a desktop PC.

ASUS PA248Q 24.1″ has no built-in speaker. But there is a headphone jack which you can attach a headphone or external speaker in case you are connecting it via HDMI or DisplayPort cables. DVI & VGA can only transmit image only.

The Stand & Ergotron Arm:-

ASUS PA248Q 24.1-Portrait Mode

ASUS PA248Q 24.1″ features a sturdy stand that can be adjusted in multiple ways. It can be tilted between +20 -5°, and swiveled between +60° -60°. And its height can be adjusted by 10CM. The stand also allows you to rotate the screen to use in either landscape or portrait mode. While you can use monitors in either mode in any monitor even if the stand doesn’t support rotation, the rotation feature makes it easier to do so. The portrait mode is useful for viewing documents, reading articles on the web or even coding.

The stand is pretty much removable, and behind it, there is a 100 X 100 VESA mount. where you can mount it in an Ergotron arm. Which make it even easier to move your monitor around depending on how you are sitting. In case of the supported Ergotron arms, the following two arms work with ASUS PA248Q 24.1″ according to Ergotron’s website:-

LX Desk Mount LCD Monitor Arm(45-241-026) – Amazon
LX Desk Mount LCD Monitor Arm(45-241-026) –
LX Desk Mount LCD Monitor Arm(45-241-026) –
LX Desk Mount LCD Monitor Arm, Tall Pole (45-295-026) – Amazon
LX Desk Mount LCD Monitor Arm, Tall Pole (45-295-026) –
LX Desk Mount LCD Monitor Arm, Tall Pole (45-295-026) –

Picture-In-Picture Support (PIP)

ASUS PA248Q 24.1″ has a nifty feature called Picture-In-Picture. This feature that allows you to display two pictures at the same time, each from a different source (or one of the ports behind the screen). You can use this feature to have TV programs on the side while you are working. ASUS PA248Q 24.1″ allows you to customize the second picture different size, and choose in which of the 4 corners the second picture will appear. As well as switching between the original & the sub source too.

Display Quality

ASUS PA248Q 24.1″ comes pre-calibrated right out of the box. It features great RGB colors, and supports 100% sRGB of its range (according to Asus), in case you don’t know what sRGB is. It is the color space supported on all-computers since 1996. %100 means that ASUS PA248Q 24.1″ can display all the colours in that space. Making it suitable to edit photos for Web use. It can be used for printing works to a good extent too.

ASUS PA248Q 24.1″ uses IPS panel, which provides good picture quality and wide viewing angles of ±178°, which is pretty standard in all the IPS displays nowadays. When it comes to resolution, it is 1920 X 1200, a little bit higher resolution than 1080p, which provides the resolution of 1920 X 1080. This is good for using this monitor for all sort of workflows. This resolution works well for watching movies, it works well, but you will end up with two black bars on full-screen mode with this resolution.

The screen may even feel very bright for you, but you can lower that if this is a big issue. There is a problem that worth noting, which is the possible existing of backlight bleeding. This is where you see light leaks around the screen corners.

And Finally

ASUS PA248Q 24.1″ is a very good display for its price, its color quality makes it suitable for many tasks, from editing photos to watching movies. Its higher resolution gives you few pixels to work around with. The additional features make a good bonus, like the 4 USB 3.0 ports on the side, the picture-in-picture feature. And the nice joystick that lets you to navigate through the menu. It is a monitor I recommend to anyone looking for an affordable monitor, as long as you don’t mind the possible backlight bleeding in it.

I hope you liked my ASUS PA248Q 24.1″ review, and see you again in another review. ^^

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