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An Affordable Cintiq Alternative: Monoprice 19-Inch TFT Interactive Pen Display Monitor (110707)

Monoprice 19-Inch TFT In Short

Monoprice 19-Inch TFT is a very affordable Cintiq alternative for much less money. It is great choice if you are new to digital art. Or in case you don’t like drawing using regular graphics tablets.

As long your expectations are reasonable. Or you are a drawing digitally for a hobby. You are going to like this pen display. But bear in mind that you may have to hassle with it a little bit before getting it to work perfectly for you

It is not a perfect Cintiq, but it can do for a starter. If you can afford a Wacom Cintiq, go ahead and get it. But in general, it is a good way to try the Cintiq before buying it.

It is worth to not that by the time this review is written. The satisfaction rate of Monoprice 19-Inch TFT is 64.42%. According to Monoprice’s website

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