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A common solution to many Wacom drivers issues. Like no pressure and supported device no found (for Windows 7 And 10)


Restarting Wacom Service Is A Good To Many Wacom Drivers Issues. Like Having No Pressure And Supported Device No Found (For Windows 7 And 10)

This solution works for a lot of cases, like when Wacom driver fails to see your device, with a message like:-

    • A Supported Tablet Was Not Found On The System


    • The Tablet Driver Was Not Found


Or maybe pressure sensitivity refuses to work with your device? There’s a common solution for all these problems, one that worked many times for me. Which is to restart the Wacom service. To be quite honest, there are times when this solution doesn’t work, but it can still save you a lot of time. You can also try installing an older version of your Wacom driver, since that helped me tons of times in the past. The nice thing about this solutions that it doesn’t require you to restart your computer.

If you’re having an issue with pressure, and you use Windows 10 with Photoshop. click here to Check out the my post about it, which helped many solve that problem.

Now on to how restart the Wacom service.

Restarting Wacom Service On Both Windows 7 & Windows 10

Open The Run Dialog, Using One Of The Following Ways

  • In Windows 7:- Click on the start button, then choose “Run” (There’s a chance you won’t find the dialog there, in which case, press Windows + R instead).


  • In Windows 10:- You find the run dialog under the Windows System (Because Microsoft likes to hide their feature with each version of Windows).


  • Or simply press the Windows Key + R on your keyboard.

Type The Following Command In The Run Dialog:-



Press Enter

The Services Window Appears

Scroll Down Until You Find “Wacom Professional Service”


Right-Click On It Then Select “Restart”


Wait Until The Service Is Restarted

Try Using Your Wacom Device Now

The pressure may not work right a way with some programs, like Photoshop. So restart your art program if that’s the case

And Finally

While it would have been nice if you never had to face issues like this with your Wacom devices. Having to know how to restart the Wacom service is a must-have knowledge. For that reason, I honestly hope I managed to solve your problem, and that I saved you some of your time with this post.

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  1. Thank you so much for this!! I kept restarting my computer over and over because I was having one issue after another. This is pretty useful.

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