Learn Photoshop CC With Pictures: The Visual & Fast Way To Learn Photoshop

  • Learn the important Photoshop tools first.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Learn Photoshop Visually.
  • Less Reading, More Learning.
  • Read it on any device you own.
  • Simple English.
  • Learn Photoshop On The Go.

General Information:-

  • This photoshop book is suitable for:- Photoshop Beginners, learning core Photoshop CC tools, learning Photo maniupulation & design.

What Makes Learn Photoshop CC With Pictures Better than other Photoshop books?

Learn important tools first

The book focuses on the more important tools from the beginning, instead of getting into tons of details.

Suitable for beginners

The book assumes that you barely know anyhing about computer graphic, yet you will learn Photoshop and many of these terms with the help of it.

Learn Photoshop CC Visually

Very detailed pictures that shows you how each explained feature works.

Less Reading, More Learning

This book contains less than 150 words per page (in average),as it focuses on teaching you Photoshop features by using pictures rather than plain text.

Learn Photoshop CC on any device you own.

Dependong pn where you buy it, the book copy you will receive won't have any DRM or useless protection on it, this means that you will be able to read it on any device you have as long it supports the format of the book.

Note:- The vook version of the vook do have DRM in it, the no-DRM applies to the version of the book you buy directly from me.

Simple English

Even if English is not your native language, the book is written so that you can understand it as long you know some English, and the pictures re-explain some of the concepts in the text in case you find the text confusing.

Learn Photoshop On The Go

To some extent, this Photoshop book can be read without an access to Photoshop, though it is advisable to try everything on the program while you are reading it.

Learn Photoshop CC With Pictures Chapters List:-