Graphics Tablets Reviews Comparison:- Huion DWH69 VS Ugee M708 VS Huion H610 Pro VS Huion 1060 PLUS

Huion DWH69 VS Ugee M708 VS Huion H610 Pro VS Huion 1060 PLUS

Which One Among These Tablets Suits Your Needs More? Lately, I find myself being asked for help to choose between these 4 graphics tablets, while they are all good choices for Wacom alternatives, the one you end up choosing depends on the other criteria’s, like the additional features, the number of shortcut keys you want […]

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Ugee G5 Review – A Graphics Drawing Pen Tablet with 8G Built-in Memory Chip,9 x 6 Inch Drawing Area and Rechargeable Digital Pen (Black)

Ugee G5 Review Featured

Ugee G5 Review In Few Words (Mini Review) While Ugee G5 provides good capabilities for a graphics tablet. But even for a medium-sized tablet, it is kinda expensive. While it is not exactly a bad choice, even with some of its drivers problems. There are more affordable options in the market, with better value. Which […]

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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review, A possible Cintiq Companion 2 alternative for drawing digitally on the go (with comparison with Surface Pro 3)

Surface Pro 4 Review Featured

Surface Pro 4 Review In Few Words (Mini Review) The newest Surface Pro 4 from Microsoft is a more capable tool for drawing compared to its predecessor, as the stylus requires much less initial pressure to make strokes, as well as how the lines are slightly better compared to the last Surface tablet. While it […]

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Wacom Cintiq Companion 2 Review – With a comparison table for the Value (DTHW1310T), Standard (DTHW1310L), Premium (DTHW1310M) & Enhanced (DTHW1310H) models

Cintiq Companion 2 Review Featured

Cintiq Companion 2 Review In Few Words (Mini Review) While it is still not the perfect product to draw digitally on the go. The Cintiq Companion 2 is still one of the greatest devices made for that purpose, and while it is more expensive than all the competing devices I am aware of. It still […]

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The New Wacom intuos Draw, Art, Photo and Comic Review, Comparison for all models (CTL490DW,CTL490DB,CTH690AK, CTH690AB ,CTH490PK ,CTH490CK CTH490CB,CTH490AK,CTH490AB )


The Intuos Comic, Photo, Art & Draw Review in Few Words (Mini Review) The new Intuos tablets from Wacom, which come in 4 models, The Intuos Art, Photo, Comic & Draw, are good tablets to for those who want an affordable tablet from a known brand. They offer a good amount of pressure sensitivity, come with […]

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Intuos Case for Intuos4 / Intuos5 / Intuos Pro Review, for Small, medium & large Wacom Intuos graphics tablets

Intuos Case for Intuos4 / Intuos5 / Intuos Pro Featured Image

Intuos Case for Intuos4 / Intuos5 / Intuos Pro in few words (Mini Review) This intuos case is one good way to protect your intuos or intuos pro Wacom tablet. Though it is honestly could have been much better. Giving how there are not much space for anything much besides the pen, USB Cable & maybe the […]

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Huion DWH69 Review, An affordable graphics tablet with wireless, 8 Express Keys, 5080 LPI, 2048 Pressure Sensitivity

Huion DWH69 Review Featured Image

Huion DWH69 Wireless Graphics Drawing Tablet in Few Words (Mini Review) Huion DWH69 is a very affordable graphics tablet that supports wireless. a feature that as been almost exclusive to Wacom tablets for the most part, but Huion seems like it is trying to catch up. And it did it with this graphics tablet. Besides the wireless, Huion DWH69 is a decent graphics tablet so far, with […]

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