Corel Particleshop Plugin for Photoshop review, take the power of Corel Painter into Photoshop – Available for multiple other applications.


Particleshop Review In Few Words (Mini Review) The power of Corel Painter can now be used in Photoshop. The Particleshop plugin is simply made for those who wants some of Corel Painter’s abilities. But are too used to Photoshop for their everyday work, either because they doesn’t have the time to learn Painter, or they […]

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Adobe Photoshop Elements 14 Review For Mac & PC – What is new in the best version of Photoshop elements.


Photoshop Elements 14 Review In Few Words (Mini Review) The new version of the simpler version of Photoshop Elements, the version that’s made with consumers in mind, now comes with many handy features that makes it even easier for you to organize & adjust your Photos. Photoshop Elements 14 is a good way to get […]

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