Buying a used 3D Printer, a possible affordable way to get one

Buying Used 3D Printer

Here’s How To Hopefully Save Few Bucks By Getting A Used 3D Printer Instead Of New

First of all, allow me to congratulate you for being brave for considering buying a used 3D printer. As this is not that common thing from what I see. In this post, I will show you what I know about buying a used 3D printer. Including any possible problems you will encounter, I hope you find these information here useful.

When you buy a 3D printer used, it is not uncommon to get a 3D printer with a problem. Of course, many of those can be fixed, but you may need to order some new parts or tinker a bit for that. Unless you got yourself a 3D printer that was used once, or its owner didn’t want it. Those could be good deals.

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See It Working In Action

See if you could let the seller make a video of the printer calibrating process & send it to you, that would be a great way to make sure it is working correctly. If you are new to 3D printing, such a video can still be useful to make sure the seller is honest. Asking someone with knowledge of 3D printers calibration can help you a lot evaluate how the printer is working.

If Possible, Make The Seller Send You An Object Printed Using The Printer

Some sellers do that on their own, seeing an object made with the 3D Printer itself is not only good to see that it is working, but also to know what kind of object you can produce with it. This is particularly good if you want to print high quality objects.

Granted, the seller may send you an object made from another working printer, but that’s still a useful step to know how the printer works (in case of a honest seller).

Get Yourself Some Protection, Buy From A Reputable Source & Seller

Unless You Can Trust The Person You Are Buying From, Buy Via A Reputable Site

No matter how cautious you are, getting a used 3D printer is risky. There’s always a chance you won’t like what you got, or in case a buyer scammed you, having a way to get your money back is good for such cases.

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Check Seller Rating

When buying a used 3D printer from sites like eBay, make sure you are buying from a seller with high rating. One with many ratings if possible. This can help you be more sure about your purchase. This may make it harder for new seller to get in the market, but it assures buyers than they are dealing with a reputable source.

And Finally

Buying a used 3D printer can be a good way to get one for a good price. As long as you don’t mind tinkering with it & replacing some parts if needed. There is a good chance more people would sell their used 3D printers once the market for these devices get bigger, which could translate into better deals for those who look carefully.

I hope my post helped you pick yourself a god 3D printer, and happy printing. ^^

Kindly find a list of used 3D printer listing from the following Amazon links:-


You could also find available 3D Printers in the following Amazon & eBay Links:-

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