The new Wacom Intuos pro review 2017 , Medium & Large (PTH-660P & PTH-860P) Including The New Paper Edition (PTH-860P & PTH-660P)


The New Wacom Intuos Pro 2017 Review In Few Words (Mini Review) With a new look & nice new features, the new Intuos Pro is a step ahead in advancing graphics tablet, especially with the new feature. It may not be worth it if you own the previous Intuos Pro model, but it’s certainly a […]

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MobileStudio Pro VS Cintiq Companion 2 VS Surface Pro 4 comparison – Take your digital creativity on the go.

Surface-Pro-4-Cintiq-Companion--MobileStudio-Comparison Featured

Choosing The Best Device To Draw Digitally On The Go Choosing among the 3 main art creative devices that uses Microsoft Windows & allows you to create artworks using full-fledged applications like Adobe Photoshop may not be easy, as each of the devices has its own ups & downs, and for that reason, I will […]

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Wacom Cintiq Pro review – Including The 13-inch And 16-Inch versions specifications


Cintiq Pro Review In Few Words (Mini Review) It is always nice to see a new iteration of Cintiq, Wacom’s product for drawing director on screen, as compared to regular graphics tablet. Cintiq Pro is a nice upgrade from Cintiq 13HD & its touch counterpart. It has greatly improved on parallax, something competition products like […]

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Buying a used graphics card, is it worth it? What if it was overclocked or used for mining?


Is Getting A Used Graphics Card Worth It? Graphics cards are staple devices for gaming & many graphical applications that depends on it. Having a powerful enough Graphics card can sometimes determine whether you will get the performance or experience you want from your computer, either by the amount of frames per second your graphics […]

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